3D Environment Artist

The Job

Aggro Crab is looking for an experienced 3D Environment Artist to work on an unannounced action game with platforming elements. This job is for a paid, full-time position that would begin with a short work-for-hire contract before committing to the salaried role.

For this role you will be the sole Environment Artist on the team, working closely with the Art Director and Level Designer to create beautiful and interesting 3D environments to explore.

Note: We are specifically looking for candidates local to the Seattle area as we plan on resuming work from an office when it's safe to do so again!


  • Create 3D models for environment props using a workflow that includes sculpting, retopo, UV, and texture.
  • Implementing assets into Unity and arranging props in scenes.
  • Use in-engine tools such as lighting, fog, and post-processing to create the mood of each area.
  • Collaborate with the Art Director to develop the look and feel.
  • Collaborate with the Level Designer to get the environment art to meet the gameplay needs of the scene.
  • Be cognizant of performance at all times ensuring the environment art does not hinder the framerate.


  • At least two years industry experience in a 3D Environment Artist role is required.
  • Experience in a game engine is required, Unity experience is preferred.
  • Sculpting experience with ZBrush or a comparable software.
  • Texturing experience with Substance Painter/Designer or a comparable software.
  • Experience creating modular assets that can be reused throughout the game.
  • Generalist developer experience is a plus!
  • Git experience is a plus!

How to Apply

Send an email to contact@aggrocrab.com and begin the subject line with “Enviro Artist”. Please submit a resume and link to a portfolio (most important factor), and tell us a bit about yourself, your current location, and why you’d like the job!

It's worth mentioning we don’t have all that many years of experience under our belt either, so Aggro Crab is a studio whose members will grow alongside it. If you don’t check off all the experience boxes but we see a spark, it might just work out. Folks from under-represented backgrounds are encouraged to apply as well; we believe a more diverse studio is a stronger one.