aggro crab!?

Aggro Crab is an indie game studio based in Seattle, WA.

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We’re hard at work developing Going Under, a third-person roguelite about exploring dungeons themed around failed tech startup ideas.


As an intern at a dystopian startup headed for disaster, it's your unpaid duty to vanquish the monsters lurking beneath the company campus!

Coming to PC and Consoles Q3 2020

Please reach out if you’d like to chat about it!

who are we?

We are Nick and Caelan! We’ve been working together for 3 years now on various projects, and specialize in games that combine punchy, frenetic gameplay with chill vibes and nuanced aesthetics.


Nick Kaman

art and bad code


Caelan Pollock

words and good code

And here’s the team!


PARTYENGINE is an application that procedurally generates a variety of parties as a sort of music visualizer. Put PARTYENGINE on a screen at a party you're hosting and be amazed as the energy of the room increases tenfold. 

PARTYENGINE was developed in <48 hours as part of GLOBALGAMEJAM'19. The theme was "What does home mean to you" and to us, home is where you party.

past work  

While you wait for our new game, feel free to check out these other projects we’ve worked on, both as solo devs and members of other studios!

Treadnauts by Topstitch Games

Treadnauts is a 4-player tank brawler that flips conventional physics on their head. Launch yourself skyward with your cannon fire, drive along the ceiling, and destroy your enemies in all sorts of creative ways.
(art by Nick, code by Caelan)

Trip Troupe by Topstitch Games

Trip Troupe is a 5-player roguelike experience designed to be played on the Mixer Interactive platform. A streamer recruits up to 4 players from the chat, and takes them on a colorful life-or-death adventure to protect the multiverse. (art direction by Nick, code by Caelan)

Smashy Brick by
Bulldozer Games

A brick-breaker designed for mobile where you draw the tramponlines with your finger. The only game to feature  videogamedunkey as a playable character.
This was Nick’s first release, at the time still attending the University of Washington.
(art/code by Nick)

This is Fine by Nick

A short-form web game made in response to the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. 

Make A Bunny by Caelan

A comedically esoteric combine-all-the-things game where your goal is to make a bunny using only a watering can, a raygun, and a mysterious alchemy device.
Made for Ludum Dare 35 (Theme: Shapeshift)



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