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Ever wanted your very own unpaid intern to overwork relentlessly? Plush Jackie has been ripped straight from the world of Going Under to perform all sorts of arduous tasks for you. Tell her to deliver your coffee! Make her fight the monsters under your bed! Or just let her take a nap. She could use it.

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When the gig-work startup "Joblin" went under, its employees became cursed to wander its halls forever as task-obsessed Joblins themselves. This Joblin Sellsword will do anything to keep their 5-star rating, whether it's driving you around town or performing actual murder.
(Disclaimer: Aggro Crab does not endorse actual murder)

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Aggro Merch

The beanie is back, along with a hoodie, tee, and cap in the Aggro Crab 2023 Collection.

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Going Under
Throw Blanket

Stay warm while raiding the dungeons of failed startups.

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Going Under Vinyl

Listen to the full bangin’ OST by Feasly.

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